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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the Investment group VolWest Group is the balance between solving our business challenges and meeting current social, economic and environmental needs of the regions where we operate, and taking into consideration the needs and safety of the future generations.
We strive to improve the quality of living standards and ensure clean environment, to encourage people to healthy lifestyles and responsible attitude to their own health.
The work towards corporate social responsibility has become an integral part of the strategy of the investment group companies. Thus they implement projects in three main areas:
• regional economic development;
• social development of the regions;
• environmental development of regions.
The purpose of projects is to promote sustainable development of the regions where the companies operate in and to live responsibly.

Economic aspect
Our principles: improve yourself and improve others

We improve the life of the regions and communities where we operate; we develop infrastructure, create new working places, and spread innovations. We collect advanced knowledge, introduce innovative technologies and create conditions for their dissemination through training programs for our partners and their employees.
We help entrepreneurs and other proactive people to succeed in their own business. We provide tested model, consult and train our future partners that allow them to become owners of a successful and prosperous business.
We follow the applicable legislation in our work and encourage our partners to do so.
We help entrepreneurs and other proactive people to succeed in their own business. We provide tested model, consult and train our future partners that allow them to become owners of a successful and prosperous business.
We improve the life of the regions and communities where we operate. We introduce innovative technologies and create conditions for their dissemination through training programs for our partners and their employees.

Social aspect
Our principle: Your environment is of your concern and responsibility

We promote a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity and healthy eating.
We implement our own programs for socially vulnerable people, provide support tp specialized children’s institutions and local organizations that deal with people who need help.
We appreciate our employees and build relationships with them based on partnership and social responsibility. We follow the applicable legislation of Ukraine and international human rights standards: we pay out competitive salaries in time, do not allow discrimination, and provide all employees with equal opportunities for professional and career growth.
We create conditions for professional and personal growth of employees in our companies as well as we actively support those who want to start their own business and become our business partner; we encourage participation in education and training.

Environmental aspects
Our principle: Consume rationally and thinking

We implement projects aimed at improving energy efficiency; we introduce low-waste and resource-saving technologies.
We use efficiently non-renewable resource and energy-saving equipment in the production process; we apply energy-saving technologies in construction of new facilities.
We form “environmental” consciousness of our employees, partners and customers through promoting sustainable consumption. We must remember to save water, turn off the light and office equipment, keep warm or to establish optimal regimes of conditioners.

Our principle: It is not purely where sweeping, but where do not litter

We care about the environment for the future generations, so we implement programs to reduce pollution and initiate measures that are intended to form a responsible attitude to the environment in all stakeholders and involve them in joint actions.
We conduct a number of informational and explanatory seminars on careful attitude toward environment.
We encourage everyone to make efforts and reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, and to protect the environment.

In the economic area our investment group has made a focus on franchise development in the regions.

The development of franchising helps:
1. Development of entrepreneurship in the regions:
• We help entrepreneurs and other active people to start their own business.
• We prepare objective business plans, advise and train our future franchisees, that allow them to create and develop a successful and thriving business.
2. Increase the investment attractiveness of regions.
3. Improvment of infrastructure.
4. Increasinf of employment.
5. “Diffusion” of innovations in a region.
6. Reduction of bankruptcies of trading companies in a region.
7. Revenue increment to regional budgets.
8. Competition increasing, which provides lower prices in a region and increases the level of customer service.
9. Development of human resources and raising the level of training in the regions through the introduction of new technologies in business processes and organization of continuous educational process for the staff of our partners (franchisees).
10. Active promotion of goods of regional manufacturers, that stimulates their development and increases their competitiveness.

In social aspect we strengthen health of regions’ residents by promoting healthy lifestyle. Our social task it to help those who needs it. Our philosophy in social aspect is base on principle “Give assistance for a self-help”.

We promote the development of the nation’s spirituality and Ukrainian art in the world by:

  • Creating a unique collection of works of the Ukrainian artists and enriching it
  • Conducting effective exhibition activity to represent the best national artists’ works in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Organizing scientific and research work in purpose of finding new or forgotten names of Ukrainian artists in art history.
  • Promoting creative search of the Ukrainian artists and formation of the new young generation of artists.
  • Realization of the educational programs for the Ukrainian nations’ spiritual development.

The artistic social and educational project “Art Kafedra”

Today art as a form of social consciousness and human activity is developing dynamically and ambiguously. Art works are exhibited in galleries and private collections, as well as museums … Each author is trying to express himself, but success or failure in this matter depends largely on the viewer, because sometimes the work evokes quite different emotions than those as the artist thought to be. This happens because the vast majority of ordinary contemporaries have a little or even zero knowledge of art and their knowledge is mostly based on the already well-established images, popular genres of famous authors. Instead, the works of contemporary art remain beyond the public understanding, and are evaluated only by critics or people who are bringing up a knowledge of the culture of beauty by themselves.
In order to create a public culture of art and aesthetic taste, we launched a unique art gallery “Art Kafedra”, which introduces visitors to the basics of art, its types and genres, and also offers a new format of intellectual entertainment.
“Art Kafedra” presents outstanding creative achievements of the XX century art culture, acquaints visitors with interesting phenomena in contemporary art through authors’ projects, installations and performances. We also hold presentations of art collections of leading museums and private collections of Ukraine. And, at the “Art Kafedra” anyone can learn to create beautiful, i.e. to paint, sculpt, improvise, be creative, feel like a real artist. After all, the art lives in each of us and it can make the world more beautiful…
The aims of the “Art Kafedra” are:
To become a gallery of modern art of the highest level, which will contribute to the development of spirituality of the nation and promote the Ukrainian art in the world.
The objectives of the “Art Kafedra” are:
– to create unique collection of the best works of Ukrainian artists and ensuring its replenishment;
– to conduct effective exhibition of the works to present the best national artists in Ukraine and abroad;
– to research new, identify unknown and return forgotten names of Ukrainian artists of art history;
– to assist Ukrainian artists in their creative research and to develop young generation of artists;
– to promote educational programs for the development of spiritual culture of the Ukrainian nation.

The project “Happy Kids” in “Adrenalin City” and Trantella pizzeria for the ATO participants

“Adrenalin City” organizes weekly entertainments for children and families of ATO participants together with the volunteer project “Philanthropists’ for a soldier”. Not only children from Lutsk have the opportunity to participate, but from the whole Volyn region as well.
The program for the kids is active and intense. It starts with watching a cartoon, then with the trampoline jumping and slides in the amusement park “Kangaroo”, and then a delicious dinner or fun workshop with pizza baking in one of the Tarantella’s pizzeria. This is a great opportunity to rest and try something new for children whose parents are fighting in the area of ATO.

The project “Megamind” is a joint project of the Cultural and Entertainment Center “Adrenalin City” and the Volyn filial of Computer Academy “STEP”

A genius lives in every child. Someone sings well, someone draws, someone mentally solves complex mathematical puzzles in mind, others write poetry barely standing on their feet. School with its average program does not prevent children to become talented as well as brave and confident. Such children are participants and winners of school competitions and they are the future resources of the nation, so we should support them.
In order to support the next generation “Adrenalin City” and Volyn filial of Computer Academy “STEP”, which are part of investment group “Volwest Group”, have launched large-scale social project “Megamind” aimed at supporting talented youth, which is responsible in its duties and shows high level of knowledge.
The project “Megamind” takes place in two stages. In the first stage all members of district and city competitions (it is more than 8000 children) receive gift certificates for UAH 150 to attend the Cultural and Entertainment Center “Adrenalin City”.
The second stage used to take place in May during which two lucky winners are determined by a draw method. They receive certificate for free education in Computer Academy “STEP”.
About 80 talented children, who took first places at the regional competitions, take part in the second stage of the project.
There are two age categories for children to participate: 13 years and older. Therefore, children under 13 years will be able to acquire the computer skills. High school children and graduates are to obtain one of the most popular professions in the modern labor market such as programmer, designer or system administrator.

Open Seminars on “Health” in Practical Management Business Academy Management

Practical Management Business Academy holds free practical seminars on “Health” as part of the social project “Live responsibly!”. The invited doctors, who are specialists in their field, tell how to monitor your health, maintain prevention and avoid unwanted risks. Students have the opportunity to ask questions that interest them.
Tatiana Repnytska, the Head of Practical Management Business Academy says: “We have introduced new free series of seminars under the project “Live responsibly!”, so everyone would have a chance to contribute to healthy lifestyle, be able to undertake the necessary prevention of various diseases, and even better – to avoid it. With these seminars we want to help people love themselves and encourage them to lead a healthy life”.

Project “Live responsibly!” of the retail chain “Nash Kray”

The retail chain “Nash Kray” promotes health of residents of regions by popularization of healthy lifestyle, providing opportunities to control of blood pressure, stimulating rationalization of the structure of eating and reducing consumption of harmful products.

  • We started large-scale project “Live responsibly!” to make our customers monitor their own health better, so we installed eco-corners with tonometer for blood pressure in our stores. As we know, increase of blood pressure for every 10 mm Hg increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%. People with high blood pressure are more likely to have strokes in 7 times often, coronary heart disease in 4 times often, vascular lesions of feet in 2 times often. Also, eco-corners are a reminder to our customers about responsibility for our own health and health of our close people.
  • Our supermarkets are focused on how to meet the needs of customers in healthy food; we inform our customers about it and encourage them by the special offer “Buy useful.”
  1. Our social mission is to help people in need. Our philosophy in this respect is based on the principle “Give assistance for a self-help.”
  • We support socially vulnerable population such as pensioners, participants of ATO and large families. We have special bonus programs for these social groups within the project “Live responsibly!”.

The project “Live responsibly!” of the Retail chain “Nash Kray”

In order to reduce pollution the Retail chain “Nash Kray”:
• Ensures the implementation of low-waste and resource saving technologies in supermarkets.
• Encourage our partners to use eco-efficient packaging materials.
• In stores we actively organize the sale of food and nonfood products of ecological range (including energy saving lamps, organic hygiene products and so on).
• The Retail chain “Nash Kray” by its own example encourages everyone to sort waste and recycle plastic, paper and batteries.
For one battery can pollute up to 20 sq.m of soil or 400 liters of water; besides small batteries contain about 50% of all toxic metals in dust (such as zinc, lead, manganese, cadmium, nickel, mercury). In our stores we arranged baskets for used batteries, plastic corks and arranged containers for separate waste collection by the stores. Also, every year employees of the Retail network “Nash Kray” are involved in “Sabbatarian” in order to clean areas near the stores and public places.
For the purpose of rational use of non renewable resources the Retail chain “Nash Kray”:
• introduces energy-saving technologies in the construction of stores, uses energy-saving equipment in the production process;
• creates “environmental” consciousness of workers and consumers by promoting rationalization of life, the efficiency of production and consumption. We must remember that we need to save water, turn off lights and office equipment, keep warm or to establish optimum regime of conditioners. In order to protect the environment the Retail chain “Nash Kray” calls everyone to make an effort and reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. By means of the project “Live responsibly!” we remind such issues to our employees and customers.

We care about our team and provide:
• Career growth and development of our employees, form the talent pool on the basis of competence, carry out an objective assessment of the work during certification.
• Professional growth of our staff, provide the opportunity to study in our corporate university Practical Management Business Academy, encourage to participate in training programs, workshops and seminars.
• Personal and spiritual development of the workers, provide the opportunity to attend the artistic, cultural and educational events.
• Comfortable working conditions, decent salary and social benefits.
• Corporate bonuses: club bonus cards and discounts.