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Every big company has its origins and history. Everything began very simply in our group: we found truck through ads, borrowed hundred dollars for a partial prepayment of transport (because we were strangers to them) and called to the SVITOCH Confectionery Factory in Lviv. They confirmed that believe us and would provide commodity credit.

That is when the distribution began and SVITOCH Confectionery Factory was among the first who started its business. Of course, there was a risk for SVITOCH and the other early pioneers, because the non-state enterprises were just beginning to be created and many of them were registered, as they say, «beyond the fence».Digital StillCamera
Therefore, the first truck was loaded and confectionery distribution started among Volyn district centers. That time we could set mark-up even twenty or thirty percent, anyway everything was going perfectly – there were empty shelves in stores, only the seaweed in a glass jar along the rows. Unloading the car in Volodymyr-Volynskyi in the evening, suddenly a very nasty accident happened – so-called temporary supply disconnection. We had to write out invoices with the help of matches light, and it helped us to see inscriptions on the boxes. The next morning we received a call from Volodymyr-Volynskyi – the misplacement was finally allowed, summarily it was handed in a decent size. Thus, an ancient myth about many dishonest people in a trade was shattered. But the local colleagues could better keep silent… By the way, so to speak dishonest «partners» repeatedly deceived us. Moreover, what is interesting, neither one of these «bilkers» grew rich, nor could make progress. Any rule can have exceptions, and here without any exceptions.

Diverting sight that time was to count the cash. That was because Ukrainian hryvnia was not introduced into circulation, but only coupon-rubles. We spread out the blanket on the floor, emptied several bags of coupons, and then we had an occupation until midnight. It also seemed a little bit funny to put it in bank. Therefore, we stuffed plastic bags with the coupon-rubles, covered a top with a towel and carried by trolley bus. Sometimes the packs of coupons mockingly looked out of the bags.
The solid romance: no office, no warehouses, only a seventeen year old car – the first LADA model. I remember how happy we were when we bought fax and installed it in our apartment.Digital StillCamera

«Volwest-T.LTD» – that was the first enterprise of today’s group, founded in autumn 1992.
With time we increased turnover, the company began to divide into different activity profiles, laying the first principles of the group.
There were many bitter and funny moments in the past. However, it was not easy and probably never will be.

Above all else: Ukraine has a powerful company of VolWest Group, whose main achievement is a wonderful team, the team of young, skilled, energetic people who create the future of the country.

Ivan Korsak
Member of the Board of Directors
Member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine
Viacheslav Chornovil Prizewinner

Impossible is possible

Implementation of impossible – means to achieve the goal, when there is no spiritual, psychological, intellectual or physical resource. Only by mobilizing and developing ourselves, we can achieve anything. The main thing that distinguishes great men among ordinary is the ability to mobilize and develop, which is «I want» means «I can».
Usually, the main barrier on the way to the impossible is fear, but the fear – is only the stereotype, imposed by society. It lives only in our mind, and once we go beyond and go to another level, our previous fears begin to seem illusory, pitiful and ridiculous.
If we want to achieve the impossible, we often stop because of «high risk». However, the risk is subjective and uncertainty is an objective, so sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
As for business, the permanent achievement of the impossible – is precisely what generates innovation, provides a sustainable competitive advantage and makes us the Number One in the market, and Number One – is a drive, a career, a continuous cash flow.

Victor Korsak
Chairman of the Board of Directors of VolWest Group

Ask and it will be given to you;
Seek and you will find;
Knock and the door will be opened to you
Matthew 7:7

We light up the stars of new ideas to make the world happier!

All the good of humankind – is the result of evolution, which has always been the engine for new ideas. The brave and the desperate innovators at all times led humanity forward. Being committed to their ideas, they crossed the border and did the impossible. Thanks to their ideas, man received new opportunities and a sense of power over their destiny. We believe that in order to make the world happier, we need new ideas, many new ideas!


From the heart
We reach the goal with faith in what we do, honestly, boldly, responsibly, with harmony in the soul and peace in heart.

To be the first
We concentrate resources in directions, where we can become leaders.

We overcome confines and create new reality.

With perfect quality
We meet the high customer expectations.

And high profitability
We get high reward for applied efforts and vested capital.


  1. Our team is without traitors, and if they appear, they are not again.
  2. Proactivity – binding comments, suggestions, and requests up to the time of decision.
  3. When the decision has been made, the military legislation is introduced for the period of its realization and high level of motivation for the implementation or non-implementation.
  4. Lack of initiatives to change and negative unreasoned assessment of developments is unacceptable and merited sanction.
  5. Seppuku is implemented with:
  6. – negative trend based on the results of achievements;
    – thefts;
    – gossip.

    1. When the manager is not ready (not able) to fulfill his duties, he has the right to move or initiate a new project and lead it.
    2. If the top manager wants to leave the company, he must prepare a suitable replacement.