Holding «CID MEDIA GROUP» – one of the largest in western Ukraine and the largest in Volyn. Newspaper, radio, magazine, agency media technologies and high-end online resources provide enormous reach and satisfy the information needs of any size. Professionals and true fans of the business media products provide the best sample.


Radio station SiD FM is a dynamic radio which gives surprises to its listeners daily. With the team of professionals we implement the most creative ideas to life and make every day unforgettable. SiD FM is the radio full of surprises.

Tabloid Volyn

“Tabloid Volyn” is an interesting and exciting glossy website with live and refined style, pepper details of private life, vivid photos and videos, subtle humor and trolling. To read Tabloid means to relax and enjoy life.

таблоїд франшиза інтернет видання
RAYON.IN.UA is a network of hyper local publications that brings together people of one city or region fir the purpose of providing them with comprehensive, local, operational information, as well as ability to communicate.

район франшиза інтернет видання

The weekly newspaper “Family and Home” is a publication for the whole family. Every day our journalists are looking for outstanding heroes for publications as well as interesting families and dynasties. The newspaper also contains news from Volyn, sports, movies, showbiz, life stories, health tips, recipes for a workday and weekend, TV Programs, weather forecast, crossword, horoscope and many private ads.


“Family Adviser” – a magazine that makes the lives of its readers happier, prettier and tastier. The publication provides tips for all occasions, consulted doctors and recipes of traditional healers, the recommendations of professional agronomists and growers and experience of the hosts amateur workshops on landscape design and hand-made recipes delicious dishes from famous chefs and culinary hits housewives. “Family counselor” – interesting, useful at home.


Media Technology Agency “SID Inform” is a modern media organization that creates information products at a new level and meets the needs of online readers. The main aim of the Agency is to generate content which is required by consumers and is demanded on the market; the content which is able to satisfy professional ambitions, material needs of workers and our customers. We use modern approaches in online publications, advertising campaigns, creation of texts and visuals by using advanced tools of presentation and considering their commercial success.